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Brakehawk 406

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Don't look any further if you're looking for an active breaking solution for your zipline, the “Brakehawk” is the right brake for you!

There are two braking systems for a zipline: a passive brake (bungee brake) and an active brake, where the zipline user is using a device to brake and come to a halt at the end of the zipline.

BrakeHawk is by far the best choice in active braking technology.

The zipline user will come to a gradual deceleration and halt by pulling the brakehawk downwards. The braking pads add friction to the cable and bringing thus the user to a halt. Replacement braking pads are available.

On request we can supply also a special lanyard to use with the Brakehawk, with this method you're getting your hands away from the cable and trolley, extra safe for young riders.

Two models available, model 405 for our standard trolley and model 406 for the trac and Trac plus pulleys.  The Brakehawk gives you a greater fealing of self-control and gives you a great braking power.

Pulley not included.

Take a look at the video below to see the Brakehawk in action:

How to mount the Brakehawk on our Trac and Trac plus pulleys:

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