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Please find below an overview of the most frequently asked questions and answers.
Anyway, if you should have other questions, please contact us.


Who can set up a zipline and is it difficult?

Zip lines are much easier to setup than most people anticipate. Anyone with basic handyman skills is fully capable of installing a typical zipline. 
With our easy to understand installation manual it is feasible for anyone to install a zipline. In two hours you can do the job. Moreover, we also sell installation tools to facilitate the hardest task which is tensioning the cable. Moreover, you can always contact us for questions and practical tips.

Why buy a zipline at

We sell "the real thing", our ziplines are suitable for both children and adults. Furthermore our ziplines will provide you years of fun in your own backyard.
Cheap kits have often not only very short cable lengths, often they are also solely for children. Moreover, these usually consist of plastic parts in the trolley setup that wear out or become obsolete very quick. Such kits have very thin cable sections and don't have any brake system, often there are no seats supplied and the tensioning adjusting possibilities are limited.
Our kits consist of many quality components such as: 7x19 galvanized steel cable "aircraft type", large turnbuckles "U.S. type", a professional trolley that can handle high speeds and other professional accessories.

Should I get a stainless steel or galvanized cable?

We recommend galvanized steel in nearly every application. Here are some of the reasons:
  • Galvanized is much stronger than similar stainless.
  • Galvanized is 2-3 times less expensive than stainless.
  • Galvanized will last many years. Depending on use, expect 5-10 years.

A galvanized 7x19 cable "aircraft type" is by far the type of cable to make ziplines. Only if the zipline would be installed within a radius of 500 m from the sea or ocean, we would recommend you to use a stainless steel cable.

Which cable lenght should I use and what's the distance between the anchors?

For your ease of installation and taking into account some sag of the cable, you'll have to count an extra 10% to the distance measured between your anchor points. 

Which diameter of trees should iI use as anchor point?

We recommend two healthy trees of at least 30 cm in diameter.

What is the slope between start and end?

We recommend 6% difference in height between start and end points when using a braking system as the bungee brake or Brakehawk.

(3% without a braking system)

Why a bungee cord brake system?

We deliver with our standard kits (except the "white edition" basic kit) a bungee brake system to bring the user safely to a halt at the end of the ride on the zipline. This system is the most safe and ensures a gradual deceleration. This works better than systems with springs or worn tires, because these bring the user to an abrupt halt.

What tools do I need to set up my zipline?

A wrench and a ladder may be needed for zip line installation. The wrench, to tighten down your cable clamps, and a ladder, to reach the height of the cable. Ziplines over 45m long will also need a tensioning kit for installation.

Does my zipline require any maintenance?

Our zip line kits require very little maintenance. Main items such as the cable and turnbuckles are galvanized which makes them very weather resistant. Oiling your cable is not necessary. To extend the life of your riding gear (pulleys, seats, harnesses, etc.) we recommend storing them in a dry location when not in use or in winter. 

What’s the weight limit for a zipline?

All of our zip line kits can accommodate a maximum load of 175 kg. With any zip line, the weight limit depends on the size of cable, turnbuckle, trolley, and riding gear. Never ride a zip line without first testing with a test weight. 


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