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Bungee brake system - without stop block (DIY)

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Our preferred zip line braking method is the Bungee Brake, bringing riders to a smooth and gentle stop.  This type of brake is considered a passive braking system and not dependent upon the rider at all.

The mounted block on the zip line cable is made to slide freely.  Attached to the block is a bungee cord.  When the rider zips down the cable, near the 3/4 mark, the rider's pulley bumps into the block, as the rider continues travel, the bungee cord stretches and slows the rider down until he stops.  The bungee cord retracts and the riders slide backwards on the cable until they reach the lowest point of the zip line.
  • 10 mm Heavy-Duty Bungee Cord
  • Hardware included: Bolts, Eye-Bolt, Eye-Lag Screw and Quick-Links

Everything is included apart from the wooden "brake block" (easilly made from a piece of wood)

Wooden stop block can be ordered seperately or you can order a bungee brake system including the wooden stop block.

Installation instructions included.

7m for ziplines of max. 60m length

9m for ziplines of max. 150m length

2x9 m for ziplines longer than 150m or steeper than 6%

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